Hello and welcome to my public personal blog!

I’ve been an avid “blogger” on Tumblr for the past 6+ years (www.stella-y.tumblr.com) and decided it was also time to start writing more. Being a twenty-something year old has its major ups and down. I felt like it’s a waste to not share my experiences. This blog is for me to journal whatever I want through my twenties and to be able to look back and see how much I’ve been through, changed, learned, and grown.

Here are some facts about me to help you get to know who I am:

  • born in LA, raised in OC, and now currently living in SD (SoCal all the way!)
  • graduated from CSUF with a degree in Geography
  • Lala is a nickname I grew up with because my brother couldn’t pronounce “Stella”
  • currently working in commercial real estate
  • left handed and have the worst eye sight
  • future dog mom (Australian shepherd!)
  • Christian and love Jesus and wouldn’t be this far in life without Him
  • love iced coffee/lattes
  • enjoy reading, hiking, going to the beach
  • INFJ (the struggles of an introvert are SO REAL)

Well, that’s just the gist of things. Hope you enjoy reading my rambles on this blog.

To see what I’m up to, feel free to follow me on my (private) Instagram @stellagyang