Home Away From Home

Have you ever felt like you were "home" in a place you've never been to or only been to once? I did. It's possible. For me, Los Angeles has always been "home" to me. A lot of my friends and family don't understand why. They always remind me how expensive and crowded it is to … Continue reading Home Away From Home


You’re Perfectly Imperfect (and that’s okay)

Yup, you are what the title says. Perfectly imperfect. If you're on a computer or a mobile device reading this blog post, congratulations! You're probably a millennial or 30+ years old who probably uses Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and find yourself constantly comparing your life to others based on their posts and finding yourself envious. You … Continue reading You’re Perfectly Imperfect (and that’s okay)

I’m Not Shy, Intimidating, Awkward, etc. I’m Just Introverted.

Dear Extroverts, Please don't jump to conclusions and assume that I'm shy, intimidating, and/or awkward. Don't get me wrong, I like going out to social events--just not ALL the time. I don't mind making small talk here and there, but prefer not to always do it. BUT, I still appreciate it when I'm invited to social events … Continue reading I’m Not Shy, Intimidating, Awkward, etc. I’m Just Introverted.